Stage6 Cylinder Kit 50cc Sport MKII Minarelli AM6
Article no. S6-7018802
EAN 4051272010989
ABE Germany No
Bore 40 mm
Piston Pin 12 mm
Stroke Original
Displacement 50cc
Product Family Cylinder Kits
Tuning Level Sport
Homologation Yes
Conrod Length Standard
Brand Stage6
Material Aluminium
€ 195,00
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The perfect street cylinder for owners of mopeds with manual gearbox: Stage6 Cylinder Kit 50cc Sport MKII Minarelli AM6.The mission statement of these high-quality Stage6 cylinders: simple, powerful and reliable.

It is a 50cc sport cylinder made of aluminium with highly resistant Nikasil coating. The cylinder was developed for daily use and is accordingly approved for road use.

The kit includes:

    • cylinder 50ccm with 40.3 mm bore, aluminium, 5 transfer ports (intake) and 1 outlet with boost ports
    • 2-ring piston
    • one-piece aluminium cylinder head, high compression
    • gasket set (base and head gaskets)

The layout of this cylinder is based on that of its big brother, the Stage6 Big Racing. Just like on the Big Racing, you will find the stamped 49 cm³ marking. With the 50mm bore of the Big Racing as a base, this 50cc cylinder has large intake ports and large cooling channels.

In terms of performance, the Sport MKII easily makes it to the top of comparable sports models. The generous intake channels result in good filling, and the outlet, supported by boost ports, ensures optimum flushing. The generous port timings (118° - 181°) offer a wide range of use and guarantee optimised engine characteristics and lots of driving pleasure over a wide rpm range.

To ensure maximum reliability, Stage6 has opted for a 2-ring piston. The use of 2-ring pistons slightly reduces the performance of the cylinder, but increases the service life of the cylinder considerably. The design of this cylinder is based, as already mentioned, on the larger Stage6 Big Racing and incorporates a comparable large-volume cooling system, so the engine can be cooled efficiently while driving.

To get the most out of this Stage6 MKII Sport 50cc cylinder, we recommend to combine it with a minimum 21mm carburetor and a Stage6 Streetrace exhaust (or equivalent). Attention, if your crankshaft already has more than 5000 km on it, we recommend to replace it with a new, reinforced crankshaft.

All in all the ideal cylinder for city and country riding, with lots of power and good acceleration.

    • for Minarelli AM6
    • homologated / street-legal
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